Marina Floor - Large group partying, Jimmy's airplane decor hanging from the ceiling

Marina Floor

capacity Seated up to 425 | Reception up to 700

The main floor portrays boats docked in a marina with a roof of billowing sails. The booths are sport fishing boats outfitted with leather seats, real fishing gear and tournament flags. No detail is spared to create the marina atmosphere. A built in stage is ready for your band or ours to plug in and play.

Euphoria Deck - room with tables and chairs, warm atmosphere, wooden floor, stone pillar

Euphoria Deck

capacity Seated up to 50 | Reception up to 75

A part of The Marina Floor, The Euphoria Deck is a raised deck that gives groups of up to 50 guests the exclusivity of being seated all together as well as great seats to enjoy the entertainment on the main floor and stage. With floor to ceiling windows opening to the LINQ Area, The Euphoria Deck connects the indoors to the action outside where the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel, lights up the Las Vegas Sky.

Clipper - retro diner inspired room with metal furnishings and a blue ceiling


capacity Seated up to 110 | Reception up to 150

Celebrating the Pan Am Clipper Seaplane, this room sets the stage for a vintage journey to paradise. Booths designed like the fuselage of these famous planes give this room an adventurous flair. This area includes an outdoor patio that overlooks the Las Vegas Strip.

Landshark Lookout - Large outdoor balcony with dining tables overlooking the Vegas Strip during the daytime

Landshark Lookout

capacity Seated up to 110 | Reception up to 250

This third floor open air patio overlooks the Strip and gives events the best of both worlds: semi-private dining and connection to the one of a kind atmosphere of the Las Vegas Strip. The area has two uniquely different full service bars so guests can enjoy their favorite concoctions, frozen or on the rocks.

Event Capacities

Area Seated (up to) Reception (up to)
Marina 425 700
Harbor 172 250
Euphoria Deck 100 150
Clipper 110 150
LandShark Lookout 110 250
Tequila Bar n/a 35
LandShark Bar n/a 75
Full Venue 620 1300

Floor Plans

A image with Marina Floor floor plan. Visually impaired customers please call for assistance.

A image with Clipper plan. Visually impaired customers please call for assistance.

A image with Landshark Lookout plan. Visually impaired customers please call for assistance.